E-commerce coming to real estate

Posted by Hipflat 28 Feb 2017

Real estate operators are preparing to apply e-commerce to their business to boost their sales, according to the Royal Thai Government.

Real estate companies have commented that e-commerce will benefit both the real estate sector and members of the general public as it should enable different groups of people to become property agents while expanding sales opportunities for operators.

A spokesperson for Hipflat.com added that unlike other countries in the region, In Thailand anyone can set themselves up as a Real Estate agent,

Chief Operations Officer for real estate firm Harrison, Wandee Cheewakitcharoen, said technology nowadays has an important role in various types of business and those with technological expertise could create business opportunities for themselves.

Hipflat.com noted there are limited ways in which e-commerce can be extended from its current use within the industry, due to the fact that property transactions, for example, need to be handle through the Land Office and often involve substantial amounts.

The Government statement noted that the country's property sector is expected to pick up this year due mainly to the government's infrastructure development projects and expansion of mass transit electric train lines.

The latter has boosted the demand for and prices of real estate near SkyTrain and subway stations.

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