​The many moods of modern design

Posted by Hipflat 28 Nov 2016

With its roots dating as far back as the 1920's, modern interior design encompasses a wide variety of aesthetics and moods - from an urban industrial loft to a sleek beach house - the versatility of modern design can morph to match a variety of environments. Whether you prefer raw spaces and reclaimed materials or crisp lines and minimal embellishment, there's a modern flavor to suit your personal style.

European minimalism

Synonymous for simplicity and functionality, European minimalism is well versed in the notion of less is more. Clean lines and simple ornamentation allow for an open, natural flow, while a muted colour scheme and light wood floors create the foundation of a calming space. The neutral palette is balanced with rich textures, mixed materials and natural lighting to invite guests in but without offering overwhelming distractions.

Unfinished industrial

Drawing inspiration from factories and warehouses, exposed brick, reclaimed wood and unfinished metals deliver a functionally minimal aesthetic. This design approach strips spaces down to their bare essence and brings structural components to the foreground. Incorporating sleek textures with purposeful details brings a modern sentiment to a vintage space. Thoughtful details denote stunning craftsmanship but with a very industrial feel.

Bold contemporary

Bold contemporary is an eye-catching twist on modern design. Coupled with a neutral backdrop, contemporary design details – such as pops of color or geometric shapes – bring a space to life. Warm finishes offer a contrast to a cool black-and-white palette, while organic elements, such as air plants or bamboo, keep the space from becoming too stark. Incorporating textured gold tones, such as a Luxe Gold finish, against a monochrome background, delivers a sophisticated take on modern design. Faucets, fittings and accessories in this same finish help create a cohesive, bold look throughout the space.

Urban Zen

Minimalist in design, urban Zen utilizes the simplicity of clean lines and a warm neutral colour palette to provide a serene, quiet home design. Infused with natural materials, this modern design approach brings the outdoors inside with elements such as rock tiled showers, bamboo flooring or stone sinks. Soft colors such as cream, taupe, gray and gold complement the natural materials to deliver a soothing spa-like experience.

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